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f t e r  s i l e n c e  
               t h e  b e s t  t h i n g  
                        y o u  c a n  h a v e  i s

 ​M U S I C

E a r l y  y e a r s


Since very little my contact with music came from my grandfather, who would send me

cassette tapes via mail with his own radio shows recorded in them. 

I spent hours listening to musicians such as Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, and his favorite

Louis Armstrong, improvising in between his comments about the history of Jazz, which

fascinated him.

I ended up making music my all time company and accepted all its good adventures.

Today , I like the silence… I like waiting…to what music comes next.


C O M P O S e r




After many years playing and traveling, I realized that since I was a little boy, I like stories accompanied by music.

At least, it seems that that’s how I created myself and make this my professional life. Today I write original soundtrack for Trailers, Films and Documentaries and I can say that, the feeling is the same as it was when I was a kid and listened to my grandfather’s voice telling me stories accompanied by those fantastic musicians.

I know they were looking for the perfect notes.


I believe we are all looking for the same thing.     

C r eI t s

Twisters Trailer
Mission Impossible SB Spot
Yellowstone spot
Silent Night Trailer
Fast X Trailer
Knock at the Cabin Trailer
100 Foot Wave Trailer
Doctor Strange
Jurassic World - Dominion
Star Trek
Top Gun
Greyhound Tom Hanks
The Forever Purge
Black Widow
Jurassic World
Terminator Dark Fate
The Goldfinch
X men
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r a I l e r  M u s I c

O   S   T 
M o v i e s 

C o n t a C T    

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